After I left my employment, THE GNWT BREACHED their Privacy Obligations in three significant ways:

  • My complete access to PeopleSoft remained intact:
    • I continued to have access to my pay stubs - GOOD
    • I continued to have access to my T4 slips      -GOOD
    • I kept my complete former manager rights  -NOT GOOD
  • PeopleSoft continued to send auto-generated emails to my home email, which I set as my "preferred email" in PeopleSoft:
    • I got emails confirming my job applications  -GOOD
    • emails telling me my T4  slips were ready      -GOOD
    • emails if adjustments were made to my pay -GOOD
    • emails with personal info of GNWT staff      - NOT GOOD
  • My Government email remained active, but monitored, by my former supervisor
    • personal emails were not forwarded to me -NOT GOOD
    • no evidence persons were notified of this    -NOT GOOD
    • monitored for 11 months without reason    -NOT GOOD

I kept my manager rights in Peoplesoft and had access to the information of 11 GNWT employees

After leaving my employment March 12, 2014 my complete former rights were left intact on PeopleSoft.

On December 18, 2014, a date the GNWT should be familiar with, I documented the access I continued to have on PeopleSoft with a number of screen shots.

On that date I took a total of 15 screen shots.

I still have them in my possession.

Emails containing personal information of GNWT Employees continued to come to my personal email

A number of emails were generated by PeopleSoft over a period of time

  • August 1, 2018: email containing wage info for a specific employee
  • August 22, 2014: email containing links to Objectives and Learning Plan for a specific employee
  • September 16, 2014: email regarding upcoming end of current employment for a specific employee
  • December 16, 2014: email regarding time-sheet approval for a specific employee
  • May 8, 2015: email containing links to a cancelled Performance Document for a specific employee

 I still have them in my possession. 

My former Government email address remained active and monitored

At least one email of exclusively personal content was sent to this account.

That email was never forwarded to me.

That email was kept beyond the GNWT document retention policy.

No reason has been provided why.

All of this happened years ago . . . why was it necessary for ME to notify the employees involved?

I notified the employees because the GNWT sure as heck wasn't going to do it:

  • Fact one: they didn't.
  • Fact two: when I notified the employees involved, the GNWT considered it's "legal options" against me.
  • Fact three: the GNWT would like you to believe that their breach of their obligations, is actually my breach of:
    • the GNWT  "Oath of Office and Secrecy", 
    • my duties as a former employee, or
    • a breach of my ethical duties as a lawyer

Don't be fooled, the GNWT is responsible for this breach and easily could have reported it to the individuals involved years ago.

Mandatory Breach Reporting has been a long time coming! Now is the time!!! contact your MLA!!!

Your MLA can introduce the necessary changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act that will require that breaches are reported and not covered up under threat of legal action.

Contact Your MLA