Refund Cheque from the GNWT

 If you've been following this website, you'll know that after I left my employment with the GNWT, the GNWT:

  • watched my former work email for 11 months;
  • reassigned my preferred email in PeopleSoft without my knowledge; and
  • left me with my complete access to my former employee data in PeopleSoft.

But what you may not know, is that the GNWT charged me photocopying fees to access some of the documents that proved that they did these things.

The above cheque is a refund of every cent I paid to the GNWT  to access the documents necessary to prove that the actions of the GNWT following my departure were 'irregular' in many ways.

- So, is this an admission of wrongdoing by the GNWT?

I really don't care, I've cashed the cheque . . . and I've got an order from the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta saying that my continuing access to employee data was due to "irregularities in People Soft" - not errors, defects, mistakes, glitches, bugs, malfunctions, anomalies,  flaws, deficiencies, faults, or faux pas - no, the court order is clear, and it reads: 

"irregularities in People Soft"