The so called "Oath" of Office & Secrecy

that's not an oath, it's not the required wording of the oath, But "SIGN IT OR YOU CAN'T get paid"

"sign it or you can't get paid" is a pretty accurate statement of what the Public Service Act said in 2006 (and after):


This section says the same thing in french, but en fran├žais

Here is the Actual prescribed "OATH" from 2006:


Looks better because it hasn't been photocopied repeatedly

Comparing the two "Oaths":


This image brings the sarcasm, no further sarcasm required

Note that the "Declaration" capitalizes "Public Service" and adds the phrase "In that Behalf"

This looks and feels like the Federal Oath of Office and Secrecy, Schedule III of the Locally-Engaged Staff Employment Regulations, SOR/95-152 :


Spoiler Alert: it's the Federal Oath with GNWT modifications

So, it seems the GNWT copied the federal oath and made it into a statutory declaration . . .

Without any legislative authority . . .


And decided to change the spelling of 'fulfil' to the preferred American spelling when they did so! 


RIP Clippy 1997-2007: The GNWT misses your legal advice

Despite the foregoing, the oath would only apply to information i learned while employed, not after

The obligation to keep the data of employees confidential is in the hands of the GNWT and their current employees. That's how the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act is written.

Confidentiality is not a virus that infects any person who might see something that should have been better protected.

It's time for the GNWT to better live up to their obligations under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Let's start with mandatory breach reporting.

Mandatory Breach Reporting has been a long time coming, now is the time!!! contact your MLA!!!

Your MLA can introduce the necessary changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act that will require that breaches are reported and  not covered up under threat of legal action.

Contact Your MLA