Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you publish personal information?

Unfortunately, posting redacted material wouldn't have gotten anyone's attention, and I also wanted to ensure that the GNWT couldn't claim plausible deniability or make some claim that the documents and breach were a hoax.

Honestly, and please believe me here, the information was 4 years old and virtually worthless, but verifiable. The fact that it was verifiable means I will never have to use it again now that the GNWT has confirmed the breach of their obligations as being real.

Wasn't the content of the previous website mostly confidential information?

For the GNWT, that was information that was meant to be confidential in their hands, but once they gave someone else access to the information . . . well, that confidentiality is lost.

It's not like a game of tag where now that I've seen the information I have to keep the information confidential.

When I was an employee of the GNWT, I had an obligation to keep personal information I obtained in the course of my employment with the GNWT confidential, even after that employment ended.

After that employment ended, however, I had no such obligation for any information acquired after my employment ended.

All information posted to my previous website was acquired after my employment ended.

Why do you think you had access to the information?

There is a setting in PeopleSoft that allows the "Delegator" to be notified of all "notifications"

It seems that in the midst of the GNWT skulking around my PeopleSoft account and:

  • changing my preferred email back to my former work email, or
  • the ridiculous story that because I continued to be paid, my manager rights needed to be manually overridden,

all that really needed to be done was to not check the checkbox in PeopleSoft that states "Notify Delegator".


This checkbox defaults to unchecked, yeah, 'unchecked'

Tip: don't check the 'Notify Delegator' box if You don't want notices going to the Delegator

Chances are you'll cause a breach of your privacy obligations to your employees that you should probably be prepared to warn them about.

Mandatory Breach Reporting has been a long time coming! Now is the time!!! contact your MLA!!!

 Your MLA can introduce the necessary changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act that will require that breaches are reported and not covered up under threat of legal action.

Contact Your MLA